My projects

VolZone - Volunteer Zone

Start up project. Volunteer Zone is made by volunteers for volunteers.

Job description:
Logo design, Web design, wordpress CMS, SSL, , project management.

App prototyping

I am working on Volzone app prototype, and learning UX & UI design.

VollZone - presentation

Check the presentation about the project in PDF.

Roots of project
- No Passa Res

Project start with my personal blog: 
which is inactive actually.

I came to Barcelona – Capital of Catalunya and sentence No passa res became one of my favorite – it means nothing happens. I started working on simple blog for me. Check evolution of logo for: NoPassaRes.

After on-arrival training from EVS – European Voluntary Service when I have meet a lot of people I came with one problem. I have meet 25 people but i was not able to remember where all this volunteer are making their service.

I started experimenting with google map API, wordpress and plugins.

Quickly I have realized that simple blog became portal for volunteers.

Actually is place where we can read information about

I have new plan for NoPassaRes! More in the future.

Tutotial: how to add subtitles to Youtube Video.

Play Video

Story Memory

Brand created for tutorials and motivational quotes.

First video for new channel.
This will be YouTube channel with various stories and tutorials.
Job description:
Logo design, animations, tutorial, timeline bar,  project management.


While creating animation I came with idea to create my own font. 
I have created two versions of font. Regular and bold.
Font became inspiration to create inspirational quotes.
Check Facebook and Instagram.

Project of 3D point and click game

Case study

At this moment I am studying and testing different options to create point and click game.
Actually I am trying to manage score system. When this milestone will be done I can start designing the game and levels to create demo.

Milestones achieved:

  • Searching for a way to present idea of pint and click game.
  • Implementation Touch gestures for camera movement.
  • Basic Touch gestures implementation.
Milestones to achieve:
  • Better touch system for point.
  • Score system.
  • User Interface.
  • Menu.
  • Facebook connection.

How can I help you?

  • Website design and creation.
  • Video recording and editing.
  • Creating materials for social media.
  • Leading or supporting with workshops.
  • Creating materials for printing, and for e-book raders - epub, movi.